Episode 52 – Renny Carroll (Forever Never)

This week Tony and Jay are joined by the R Kelly of Heavy Metal – Renny Carroll from Forever Never.
They talk about the importance of melody and how some metal bands lose their way just trying to be ‘Metal’.
Forever Never have a new EP Speak Up and today’s track One Life is from that EP.
They are on tour in November so for gigs, music, videos and much more catch them on all the social medias or at www.ForeverNever.com.

Episode 47 – Bones Knows and Jacking Off Dad

This week it’s just Jay and Tony. But have no fear there is plenty of nonsense to go round. The lads talk about the early days of ‘The BrassKats’, the soon to be released Bones Knows Podcast and their new band ‘Jacking Off Dad’
‘The Return of The BrassKats – The Debut Album’ is available now at all of the usual online retailers.
Also catch up on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Youtube BrassKats.com and all the other places.
Today’s song is Big Phat Hippie Girls.

Episode 21 – Ali Rose

This week Jay and Tony sit down with long time friend of the pod – Ali Rose. Ali takes us through the years in which she helped us write some bangers (yes, that’s right – Ali had a big hand in writing some of your favourite BrassKats tunes) and how she took that knowledge out into the wide world – spending time in artist management before returning to her natural habitat; top line writing for the stars and laying down her own tracks.
Writing on International Best Selling Albums in 2015 and with new releases due early 2016 – watch this space.
For tracks, social media links and much more check out Ali on: