Episode 56 – Rowan ‘Eurgh’ Faife from Don’t Flop

This week Jay and Tony are joined by legendary battle rapper and Founder of Don’t Flop, Rowan ‘Eurgh’ Faife.
Lots of booze and great stories, so please enjoy.
Don’t Flop’s 8th Birthday is coming this November. Join the festivities over 4 days, from London to Leeds on 17-20th Nov. For details and tickets, check out http://dontflop.com/

Episode 35 – Harrison Rimmer

This week the Jay and Tony caught up with Harrison Rimmer during his recent UK tour.
They chat about old influences, a brief rap career, getting down with Choir, playing it all yourself vs getting a band and taking it on tour.
Check out Harrison’s latest EP ‘C’ right now.

Just imagine if Han Solo and Arnold Rimmer had a child? How weird would that be? I’m just throwing that out there.

Episode 16 – Hacktivist

This week Jay and Tony sit down with Timfy and Ben from the UK’s no.1 Djent/Rap/Metal outfit – Hacktivist.
You may notice this is a bit of a noisy episode, that’s because we caught up with the Hacktivist boys in the bar of The Fighting Cocks prior to their big K’Town show. So pour yourselves a drink and just imagine you are sitting at the bar with us.
You can catch everything Hackitivist have been up to, gigs, music and their up and coming album on: