Episode 55 – International Podcast Day Special (with Greg and Joe from The All Seeing Guys)

The boys enjoy celebrating International Podcast Day with Greg and Joe form The All Seeing Guys.

Exclusive preview of The BrassKats brand new tune ‘Too Sleepy (For A Revolution), drunken banter and much much more.

Episode 51 – The Lounge Kittens

This week Jay and Tony are joined by our sisters from another litter – The Lounge Kittens.
Their new album Sequins & C-Bombs is out on Sept 16 2016 and you can pre-order it now from http://www.PledgeMusic.com/TheLoungeKittens
For tour dates and much more, check out http://www.TheLoungeKittens.com
This week’s track is the debut single from Sequins & C-Bombs – Alice Cooper’s Poison. Enjoy.

Episode 47 – Bones Knows and Jacking Off Dad

This week it’s just Jay and Tony. But have no fear there is plenty of nonsense to go round. The lads talk about the early days of ‘The BrassKats’, the soon to be released Bones Knows Podcast and their new band ‘Jacking Off Dad’
‘The Return of The BrassKats – The Debut Album’ is available now at all of the usual online retailers.
Also catch up on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Youtube BrassKats.com and all the other places.
Today’s song is Big Phat Hippie Girls.

Episode 45 – Tree House Fire

This week Jay and Tony are joined by the awesome Tree House Fire. They popped into the studio on their way to this year’s International London Ska Festival.

Tree House Fire’s new EP Coming In Hot is out now. Available at www.TreeHouseFire.co.uk or your usual online retailer.

Catch them this Friday 8th July @ The Globe in Cardiff and at a plethora of festivals including Boomtown and One Love. See all their dates at www.TreeHouseFire.co.uk.

Music this week is the title track from the new EP – Coming In Hot

This episode of How To Write A Tune is brought to you by the Roadie Tuner. Go to http://www.RoadieTuner.com and enter coupon code ‘H2WAT’ at checkout for 10% off your first order.

Episode 44 – Jamie Dineen (Hellfire Orchestra)

This week Tony and Jay are joined by a The Turncoat himself, frontman of The Hellfire Orchestra Jamie Dineen is in the house.
Hellfire Orchestra have a new EP Bastille Day out August 1st 2016 and this week’s tune is an exclusive sneak peak at Highgate Hill.
Their new single and title track Bastille Day is out July 14th 2016 at all your usual retailers.
Catch them on Facebook or at http://www.hellfireorchestra.com/

This episode is brought to you by The Roadie Tuner. Go to http://www.RoadieTuner.com and use the code ‘H2WAT’ at checkout for 10% off your first order.

Episode 40 – Sanj Surati

This week friend of the pod Sanj Surati joined the boys in the studio for a good old reminiscing session.
We talked about the good old days, lost bands and great shows, thinking you’ve made it, Heatham House and much more.


link dump:

early influences inc flock of seagullls, the cure and guns and roses, and nirvana.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr8-E8may…LAC10216FC4E30CA3 (GNR Appetite For Destruction album youtube).

itunes link: itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/aphid/id152027005?mt=2

Heatham House gigs with Humbug, Satellite Beach and Silent Front.

Anonymous Tip

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/anonym…-tip/id273759550

www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T5apVJPh3U (band rehearsal set up video)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWKzaHjpRRw (day in the life of video)

Tupac hologram at Coachella

Episode 35 – Harrison Rimmer

This week the Jay and Tony caught up with Harrison Rimmer during his recent UK tour.
They chat about old influences, a brief rap career, getting down with Choir, playing it all yourself vs getting a band and taking it on tour.
Check out Harrison’s latest EP ‘C’ right now.

Just imagine if Han Solo and Arnold Rimmer had a child? How weird would that be? I’m just throwing that out there.

Episode 33 – John Otway

This week the lads are joined by the legend John Otway.
They go deep on a career spanning 40 years with one of the most entertaining men in Rock n Roll history.
John is due to record a new album later this year and you could be involved. Go to JohnOtway.com and check out all his music, upcoming gigs, the album plans and how you can donate to make it even better. Kickstarter campaign goes live 1st May 2016.
Today’s song is ‘Beware The Flowers’ from ‘Deep & Meaningless’ with Wild Willy Barrett

Episode 23 – Ross ‘Spud’ Taylor returns & Phil ‘Filthy’ Smith Jr (Sin Kings Part2)

This week our old friend Ross returns to the pod and this time he brought Phil with him. If you think back to 2015, Ross came on to talk Sin Kings but by the time we had gone through the old Humbug days we we almost 2 hours in. So here is Part 2 with actual Sin Kings content! promise!
Sin Kings latest album ‘The Devil Makes Three’ is available at all your usual retailers. For dates, info and much more check Sin Kings out on Facebook or at www.luckydevilrecords.com/

Episode 22 – Jay Wars and the Howard Youth

This week Jay and Tony are joined all the way from Australia by Jay and Dan from Jay Wars and the Howard Youth.
Their new album ‘Love in the Time of Fear’ is out next Friday Feb 5th 2016.
Pre-order it now from http://www.whiskandkeyrecords.com/