Episode 50 – H2WAT LIVE – BoomTown Fair hype show with RUMPSTEPPERS, George, Millie Manders & Crinkle Cuts

EPISODE 50!!!! woohoo!
The first ever H2WAT LiveStream – catch the video on YouTube:

This week Jay and Tony are joined live in the studio by Liam from RUMPSTEPPERS and BrassArmy veteran George. Millie Manders and Crinkle Cuts call in to let us know how they have been getting along and everyone gets hyped about BoomTown Fair this weekend.
This week’s song is The BrassKats – Powerlines (from Suitable For Public Consumption EP)

Episode 45 – Tree House Fire

This week Jay and Tony are joined by the awesome Tree House Fire. They popped into the studio on their way to this year’s International London Ska Festival.

Tree House Fire’s new EP Coming In Hot is out now. Available at www.TreeHouseFire.co.uk or your usual online retailer.

Catch them this Friday 8th July @ The Globe in Cardiff and at a plethora of festivals including Boomtown and One Love. See all their dates at www.TreeHouseFire.co.uk.

Music this week is the title track from the new EP – Coming In Hot

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H2WAT:Extra 03 – Marketing with Millie Manders Part 3

The third and final part of our Marketing with Millie series. This week we discuss Social Media on a grander scale, run you through all the different sites you can use and what they are best for.
A big thanks to Millie Manders for her help throughout this series. Millie is now back on the road after the Christmas hiatus.
Catch up with Millie at http://www.MillieManders.co.uk

For all of our previous episodes, album reviews and much more, check out HowToWriteATune.com

Episode 19 – Elliot Mason

2016 kicks off with a bang as Jay and Tony sit down with the hilarious Elliot Mason.

Check out Elliot on iTunes or at Elliot-Mason.co.uk for info, gigs and physical copies of his albums, including the recent re-release of his debut CD, The Day They Turned Jif To Cif.

Happy New Year from all the H2WAT Crew. Catch up on this and all of our other episodes at HowToWriteATune.com

H2WAT:Extra 02 – Marketing with Millie Manders Part 2

Millie Manders is back for another H2WAT:Extra for you lucky, lucky people.
This week we move over to the Social Media side of things and more specifically Facebook!

Keep those ears peeled for more H2WAT:Extra episodes coming soon!!!

Check out Millie at: http://www.MillieManders.co.uk

Obsession Transgression EP Review Millie Manders

Bringing a powerhouse of sass to British music, London-born Millie Manders releases her EP Obsession Transgression on the 20th November 2015 after having toured nationwide and gathering up a terrific volley of fans.

Following a successful pledge campaign in which Millie parted gifts with fans such as t-shirts, mugs and even her precious signed ukulele; the band set forth to record the album with gusto, energy and a whole lot of attitude.

Obsession Transgression bursts open with a determined punchy brass hook, giving an insight into the energy and pace of what is to come. With an offload of tension, the meter changes and the horns extend a rich chord progression out for the chorus. Millie invites us to meet her powerful vocals with a catchy melody, decorated with smart lyrics – a suggestion that she’s not just a big voice. The middle eight drops into an unmistakable soup of ska, four tight bars of syncopated brass groove before they drop you back in time for the chorus.

After a pacey and vibrant first song, the EP races on to its second title with a punky guitar intro – Teddy makes its way onto the stage. Toying with the motif of multiple crescendos and riot-girl lyrics, Millie Manders explores a contrast of theatrical vocal styles, ranging from the seductive to the psychotic, demonstrating her versatility in her music. With choppy rhythms and electric charisma, is it by no question that this would be the most popular track amongst fans when played live.

Kicking off with a grungy guitar riff, the next title brings a hint of wit and theatre to the EP. Bacchus is an ode to the all-too regrettable memories of a night out in town. Like the relentlessness of a nightclub, Millie slurs the hook “so you have another drink” throughout the song, which not only indicates her adaptability as a writer but also the strong influence of societal woes on her lyrics.  With cleverly placed drum parts, to pair in with a sleepy bass line – the instrumental parts are well put together creating a fantastic ensemble, further instigating the feeling of a frenzied night out.

After a whirlwind three tracks, the EP finishes with Long Gone. A chilled out, groovy hit which has all the strut and power of the rest of the album. With a riptide of funky guitar in the introduction and an epic chorus, the EP is brought to a triumphant close.

Throughout the EP, Manders demonstrates the control and power of her vocals without fully unveiling their potential. It seems as though Millie is aware of her singing capabilities, but to write “pretty” tunes simply wouldn’t be the point of her music and the strength is behind her lyrics and character.

Millie Manders brings life and soul into the ska pop punk scene. With such a fragrant and brave array of tracks, Obsession Transgression delves into a variety of style, breaking the mould and refreshing what can be an all-too-samey genre. The EP is well rounded, with dynamic explorative tracks sandwiched between two great hits. The musicians worked well together, combining well written parts that not only sounded resolute, but also creative and original.

Millie Manders will be heading to stages across the UK following the release of her EP Obsession Transgression. While adding the EP to my playlist of “up and coming London”, I look forward to a bright and colourful future for Miss Manders.

Written By Molly Hills

For more information visit :

Buy it here : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/obsession-transgression-ep/id1053893146


Episode 08 – Millie Manders

This week Jay and Tony talk to the wonderful Millie Manders. She schools them on the importance of social media, talks about her jazz upbringing, growing into your feet and going solo.
Catch Millie this Sunday 25th October at O2 Academy 2, Islington
For news, tunes, dates and much more check out: www.MillieManders.co.uk