Episode 59 – Jay vs Tony – The Weigh Ins

Jay vs Tony – The Weigh Ins – Happy New Year!

This week is a special episode to bring in the new year. With resolutions dropping like flies, Jay and Tony undertake a weight gain/loss challenge. Check out Bones Knows Podcast, Facebook live and the QUAK Clan on Youtube to keep up with how the boys are doing and get involved with the shit talking on all of your social medias:

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H2WAT:Extra 02 – Marketing with Millie Manders Part 2

Millie Manders is back for another H2WAT:Extra for you lucky, lucky people.
This week we move over to the Social Media side of things and more specifically Facebook!

Keep those ears peeled for more H2WAT:Extra episodes coming soon!!!

Check out Millie at: http://www.MillieManders.co.uk

H2WAT:Extra 01 – Marketing with Millie Manders Part 1

Not satisfied with what the How To Write A Tune boys are giving you?? Desperate for more? Well have no fear we have you covered.

After our episode with Millie Manders, you guys sent us a bunch of messages begging and pleading for more of an explanation on social media and how to use it. Well dont worry kids we have you covered! Millie sat down with us and put together a series based around marketing yourself and your music.
The first in the series is Branding – enjoy.

Keep those ears peeled for more H2WAT:Extra episodes coming soon!!!

Check out Millie at: www.MillieManders.co.uk