Sleaze and Grit album review Killaflaw

sleaze and grit

Killaflaw are an enigma and one that deserves to be broken down and delved into in great detail. You could be mistaken for thinking that this is a DJ / Rock ‘one off’ collaboration, the kind that we saw so many of in the NU-Metal hay day. Quite frankly, you would be mistaken a Killaflaw are something much more special.

This unlikely partnership is a perfect storm if Led Zepplin inspired rock with big bass and beats that come together to slap you in the face from the moment you put the album on. It’s like The Chemical Brothers had the bastard son of Rage Against The Machine and Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys has agreed to sing on top.

Sleaze and Grit opens with ‘’Already Dead’’ a hard hitting tune that is so big it is actually softened by the gravelly tone of lead singer Benn Helm, as face paced lyrics are growled at us behind Andy Paton’s epic beats.

Sleaze and Grit refuses to let you take a breath before “Revolution (15 EQ)” starts with an intro that is reminiscent of the Prodigy’s 1007 album Fat Of The Land. However as I mentioned before Killaflaw are a partnership, and as the tune drops out to let the vocal line hit home you are immediately reminded how smart this album really is.

“Own Way”, the first single from Sleaze and Grit speaks for itself as a testament to the bands ethos of being exactly what they want to be, not fitting into any genre’s box and you can like it or……….. Go you Own Way.

This album is perfect for today’s eclectic mix of music lovers and listeners. No longer are there goths that keep a punk CD at the back of their sock draw or an EDM fan has to hide the rock album in his car for fear of ridicule… people like what they like and the bridge the gaps in-between genre’s without thinking and that is what this album does.  It is both a Rock and EDM album at the same time, it can be played to either party or anyone in the middle and they will all understand true magic this album carries with it.

While writing this review I have had Sleaze and Grit playing pretty much consistently and have watched hard core metallers nod their heads and shakes their asses like the most seasoned club goer and vice versa seen the faces of EDM fans crease at just how dirty the drop on this album are –  in fact the only thing I haven’t seen is someone not enjoying their introduction to Killaflaw.

My personal favourites come later in the album, “Glass of Water” has one of the most aggressive chorus’ you will hear this year, Benn’s vocal range on full show with harrowing low end during the verse and balls to the wall near screaming during the chorus. The production that Andy has put together for “Milk and Whiskey” is nothing short of inspired. A massive half time beat with augmented bass, sounding like the biggest distorted guitar on any metal album you have heard. Letting the ride symbol that the lead on the rhythm in the chorus makes this feel like a huge stadium live act tearing a hole in the audience below.

This album really shows that partnerships between two people who are like minded but coming from completely different places can work in perfect unison. It brings something new and fills a gap in the market that we didn’t know existed, this album is as rocking as you could ask for and will have you dancing you ass off without realising. In short this is an album well worth buying and playing again and again….

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