How To Listen To A Podcast

So what is a Podcast and how do I listen to one?

This is a question I so often hear when talking to people about pods. It seems there are two types of people in the world in fact. The first group listen to podcasts religiously, the second don’t quite know what a podcast is.

This article will help all those in the second category to get started.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is free episodic digital media (audio or video) which is distributed over the Internet using RSS feeds. Think talk radio without the constraints of censorship and viewing schedules, listen to what you want, when you want.
An RSS feed is essentially a list of all releases from a specific source which updates via the Internet for all subscribers when a new post is added.

How do I listen?

Depending on the device or interface you are using, this may change slightly but it is essentially the same process across the board:

Option 1) SoundCloud (All OSs)
While SoundCloud is not the best ‘podcast’ app as such it works solidly on all platforms, the website itself is a great interface, it offers the user the ability to download or listen live on the site and for us is the base where the podcast data itself lives.
Some of their nifty commenting interfaces are ingenuis and now that they have incorporated RSS feeds into the site it has become (in my opinion) the primary site for podcasters to store their data.
The only downside is that the platform is predominantly used for Music, so if you are looking for a home to store and manage just your podcasts, SoundCloud can be a little congested.

Option 2) Podcast Apps on Mobile Devices

If you are running iOS, Android or Windows on our mobile device there is a large range of apps that you can use to listen to Podcasts. Simply search in the appstore for ‘podcast’ and you will be given a wide range of apps to use. Some of these apps have the own store/listings – for instance if you are using Apple Podcasts, Acast or Stitcher you can search for ‘How To Write A Tune’ in the app itself and Bob’s your mother’s brother.

If however you are running another podcast app, it may not have it’s own listings (or we may not be on it). In this case you can use the RSS feed address to add the podcast to the app. Most apps have an option to enter a manual feed address and others will redirect you to the app when putting the address into your browser.

In the case of ‘How To Write A Tune’, copy and paste the following address to add our feed to your app:

This will then give you the option of adding this to your podcast app and subscribing (NB – going to this site on most browsers will just show you the RSS feed where all the episodes can also be downloaded).

Option 3) Via the RSS feed.

You can download the audio files for the podcast directly from the RSS feed link ( This link can also be used to add the RSS Feed to a host of other programs, like Outlook. In this case, once added to Outlook an RSS feed will appear underneath your inbox and will update like an email when a new episode comes out.

There are many programs that use RSS feeds in this nature and will simply update you in their own way upon the feed updating.

Any questions (or God forbid corrections!) drop me a line

Thanks for reading.

Tony ‘Bones’ Gordon
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